Radiant Retreats are 8 days (and 7 overnights) – Saturday-to-Saturday.

Our retreats include overnight accommodations (no flight or food). Radiant coaches earn up to 50 hours of training during each full retreat and are open to the general public. [Dates subject to change.]

A $297 USD nonrefundable deposit will hold your spot!

At Radiant Retreats, we believe in getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and into a serene environment dedicated to what we call “radical relaxation” and inner growth.

For people seeking more than just a vacation (parents, corporate executives, caregivers, and entrepreneurs,) Radiant Retreats provides a powerful opportunity for pushing the reset button on life and healing the soul.

That’s why we host a variety of Radiant Retreats designed to provide the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional space for people to unwind, soul-search, commune with nature, and practice self-care.

Every Radiant Retreat provides you with an escape from everyday life, and helps you find or reconnect with your soul’s purpose.

Our retreats give you a chance to unwind, completely relax, find clarity, and experience deep happiness while also exploring self-actualization, self-love, and self-compassion (depending on the specific event).

We also pamper you by including activities such as yoga, meditation, group coaching circles, massages, energy healing, and more.

Radiant Retreats are International

In over a decade, Radiant Coaches Academy has hosted 70+ retreats all over the world.

From Italy to Honduras to Miami, Radiant Retreats offer a week of connection, collaboration, and beautiful locations to explore.

Venice, Italy - June 1-8

Utila + Roatán, Honduras - August 17-24


Puerto Rico - November 2-9

Bali, Indonesia - December 7-14

Questions or Want to Learn More?

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